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Why Online Learning is a viable alternative to Classroom Learning

About 16 years ago, online learning was in its infancy, whereas being taught in a classroom in a systematic form has been around for hundreds of years. Little wonder that it’s not been easy to translate the pedagogical methods used in the classroom into those adopted in online learning. Yet there is evidence that suggests both methodologies can deliver comparable learning outcomes (notwithstanding that both methodologies can be subject to poor implementation and delivery). (more…)

How e-learning can reduce costs and improve staff performance

With the current state of the Nigerian economy, cost savings are a major concern for directors, managers, and business owners. One of the major ways to reduce cost is by reducing the escalating costs associated with traditional training, without giving up training completely.

The cost associated with the traditional training sessions can be extremely high compared to the cost associated with having the same information online and giving staff members access via the Internet. (more…)