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The Importance of Service Processes

Early this year, I ordered an item from an online shop with a promise of next-day delivery. The following day, I got the item. Impressed by their service, I ordered another item in February, but it came after 4 days, with profound apologies. Last month, with reluctance, I ordered another item from the same shop. After 3 days, I was told the item was out of stock. Disappointed, but at least I got my money back. However, I’ll not buy again from that shop.


The Leadership Approach Managers Should Avoid

“One size fits all” – using the same leadership style in every situation and for everyone in a team. This should be avoided because at any point in a team, individuals are at different developmental levels. Hence managers should vary their style of leadership based on each individual’s developmental level. This approach, developed by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard, is known as situational leadership.